Sunday, July 12, 2009

National Branch Guidelines

Guidelines for establishing National Branches affiliated with CEI
If a National network wants to use the name Caretakers of the Environment International it can do so when:
1. They formally endorse the constitution of CEI (contact the secretariat for a copy)

2. They set up a National board of officers to oversee the educational activities, finances and the progress of the network. (a list of contact details to be sent to the Secretariat)

3. They expand the international constitution with goals and objectives to meet their own country’s specific needs (A copy to be sent to the Secretariat)

The intention should be to include new schools wherever possible.

A formal procedure for establishing National Branches is necessary in order to avoid the misuse of the name Caretakers of the Environment International and to ensure quality and commitment of the organisation. Therefore, evidence of compliance with the guidelines needs to be submitted to the international Board of Caretakers of the Environment International.

After approval by the International Board, a National Branch would officially exist under the name:
Caretakers of the Environment International/ (country name)
For example: Caretakers of the Environment International/Spain

A National Branch is entitled to create its own stationary and promotional materials as long as the official logo of CEI is used. The CEI logo can only be used by an officially approved National Branch as it is copyrighted. (A copy can be obtained from the Secretariat)

Tasks to be fulfilled by National Branches
1. Play a key role in selecting delegates for CEI conferences. This might be accomplished by hosting a national workshop or conference prior to the annual conference where schools present and discuss their projects. A committee of the National Branch could then select the schools that are to represent the country at the international conference.
2. Stimulate Joint Educational Projects
3. Raise funds for financing the travel costs to the international conference for those within the country who cannot afford to go and, depending on the country, for those from other countries who cannot afford to go. The latter could be realised by donating a % of the monies raised to CEI.
4. Explore the possibility of hosting one of the annual CEI international conferences

Tasks to be fulfilled by CEI
1. Provide official letters of support to help National Branches secure funding for the national network.
2. Publish outstanding school projects that come out of the National Branch in the Global Forum
3. If a National Branch has been selected to host a CEI conference, CEI will assist in providing guidelines for the conference programme and post-conference report; supplying letters of support from governmental and environmental leaders; suggesting possible funding sources; and publicising the conference.

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